Board of Directors

Board of Directors

H.E Said Hamdon Al-Harthi

H.E Said Hamdon Al-Harthi

Board Chairman

His Excellency Said bin Hamdoon Al Harthy is currently the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ports and Maritime Affairs & Acting Undersecretary of Communications in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, he held a number of positions in various government sectors, most recently Head of the Office of the Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs.

He is a Board chairman of National Ferry Company and Interantional Maritime College Oman & Board member of Information Technology Authority ,the Special Economic Zone Authority of Duqm and Sohar Industrial Port. He has graduated from Kranol College.


Brigadier-General Eng. Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Lamki

Vice Chairman

Colonel Eng. Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Lamki is the Commander of Communciations at Sultan’s Armed Forces. He holds a Master’s degree in software engineering & Diploma in Communications Engineering Management.

He held several positions in the Sultan’s Armed Forces, most recently assistant commander of the Communications at Sultan’s Armed Forces.


Eng. Omar bin Khalfan Al-Wahibi

Board Member

Eng. Omar Al-Wahibi is the Chief Executive Officer of the Electricity Holding Company. He holds Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He held a number of positions, most recently CEO of Oman Wastewater Services.

He is the Chairman of Dhofar Power Company and a board member of Gulf Cooperation Council Electricity Interconnection Authority.


Mr. Omar Salim Al-Shanfari

Board Member

Mr. Omar Al-Shanfari is a Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Information Technology Authority. He holds Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. He held a number of advisory positions, most recently Head of Corporate Governance Advisory Affairs at Information Technology Authority.

He is a board member in Gulf Mushrooms ProductsCompany, Gulf Investment Services, Inc. Mazoon College & Bayan College.


Mr. Sulieman bin Saif bin Sulieman Al Kindi

Board Member

He currently holds the post of Director General of Information technology at Ministry of Education.

Mr. Sulieman Al Kindi held several positions within Ministry of Education where the last one was Deputy Director General of Information Technology. He holds Bachelor degree in Education from Al Zaqaziq University, Egypt.


Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Said Al Kharusi

Board Member

Mr. Abdulaziz Al Kharusi is Director of Services, Housing and Energy Sector Budget in the Ministry of Finance. He holds Master’s Degree in Financial Management.

He is a board member in Rusayl Power Company, ROP Pension Fund, Majan ElectricityCompany. & Mazoon Electricity Company.


Ms. Azza bint Saif bin Zaid Al-Mahrizi

Board Member

Ms. Azza Al-Mahrizi is the Director of Information Technology Department at General Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Planning. She holds Bachelor’s Degree in Science with honors degree in Computer Science.

She held a number of positions in various government sectors, most recently a director of the Computer and Technical Support Department at the National Center for Statistics & Information.