Coverage Map

Oman Broadband Company aims to cover different Governorates in the Sultanate with broadband networks using technology that meets the geographical nature of each individual Governorate and the distribution of the population therein.

For instance, areas with high population density such as major cities and towns, commercial, industrial or service facilities will be covered by fibre optics, in addition to supporting the operators to provide high speed 4G services to consumers by providing a backhauling to the operator’s mobile towers. Rural areas, however, will be connected via satellites and towers, when available to support the operators’ networks to provide broadband services to such areas.

The Company’s projects in Muscat Governorate were implemented simultaneously with the Haya Water infrastructure projects, and therefore Oman Broadband has been able to cover 23% of Muscat Governorate with fixed broadband services. It is expected that broadband coverage will reach more than 85% in Governorate of Muscat by the end of 2020.

Click on the map below to see the works that has been executed so far.