Job Description

  • Job Code : Legal Associate
  • Job Tittle : Legal Associate
  • No. of Vacancy : 1
  • Job Description :


    To execute all the statutory and non-statutory formalities and ensure interactions are met and implement and advise for all the compliances of Withaq Clients (WC). Provide support and advice to all WC related to legal requirements based on the directions of the Legal Counsel. To assist the Legal Counsel in the delivery of the day-to-day work requirements, such as agreements preparation, RFQ preparation, agreements review, correspondence, processes, and procedures relating to the legal affairs of WC.



    • Ensure that all necessary legal documents relating to contracts and the provision of supplier services are in place (insurance, licenses, etc.) and any supplementary documents (letters of intent, termination notices, etc.) to ensure that contracts are complete and have the necessary additional documentation to protect the interests of WC.
    • Report any issues arising during the due diligence process to the Legal Counsel and make suggestions to tackle such issues.
    • Review periodically, WC’s standard Terms and Conditions which relate to the provision and receipt of services by researching market best practices and understanding fully the work streams and deliverables that WC is engaged in, to seek legal counsel’s guidance with respect to the same and to ensure there is adequate legal protection in place.
    • Provide legal advice on matters relating to the WC business upon request from department heads or managers, covering areas such as employment law, HR policy and termination of agreements, etc. to ensure that actions taken by senior staff within OBC are legal and appropriate. Take part in the process of establishing committees by drafting the legal establishment documentation which stipulates the roles and powers of the committee, then liaise with the Legal Counsel for signature, to ensure that each committee is governed by an agreed legal framework and set of rules.
    • Review tender documents by using standard legal templates and send information to the technical teams as part of the request for proposal (“RFQ”) drafting/refining process.
    • Negotiate the legal requirements (method of payment, etc.) with shortlisted suppliers and discuss deliverables against key dates (seeking guidance and approval from the Legal Counsel at all times) before sending final documents to the CEO for sign-off, in order to protect the interests of WC.
    • Report to the Legal Counsel any unusual/suspicious with respect to the process of the RFO, contracts, service providers, etc. in order to protect the interest of WC.
    • Use the most updated standard form of contracts/agreements as released by the Legal Counsel from time to time.
    • Execute documentation of all agreements and bonds for safeguarding WC’s interest.
    • Agreements related to JV– Tech. Collaborations, Vendors, Lease agreements, Service agreements, Confidentiality share purchase agreements, dealerships, etc.
    • Ensure that all departmental reports are prepared in a timely and accurate manner to meet WC’s policies and standards, and department requirements.
  • Contract Type : Permanent
  • Qualification :
    • Bachelor’s degree in Law
    • Master’s degree is an added advantage
    • Maximum experience 5 years
  • Personal Qualities :

    Skills / Knowledge

    • Knowledge of a wide variety of software tools and applications
    • Knowledge of local and international legislations, management principles, tools, and processes 
    • Knowledge of telecommunications industry issues and trends

    Behavioral Competencies

    • Planning & Organising
    • Flexibility & Adaptability
    • Operational Excellence
    • Collaborative Working
    • Creativity & Innovation
    • Communication
    • Respect & Integrity
    • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Application Deadline : 2022-09-30
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