About Us

Oman Broadband is a joint-stock government company founded in 2014, and is part of ITHCA Group which is affiliated with Oman Investment Authority.

Unlocking the potential for greater connectivity and productivity, while enabling the knowledge economy, the role of Oman Broadband is vital for transforming the nation’s online experience. Through its collaborative approach, Oman Broadband is working to empower the nation by rolling out high-speed broadband infrastructure, benefitting citizens and businesses alike. The Company aims to deliver maximum national coverage in line with the Digital Oman strategy, e-government and Oman Vision 2040.

The next generation broadband infrastructure network will deliver an exponentially faster and broader online experience, bringing benefits to society and the business sector with an enhanced delivery of communication services, cost savings, increased competitiveness and improved sustainability.

The Oman Broadband are unlocking the potential for Oman to become an increasingly connected nation, supporting the growth of the online economy, allowing new ways of doing business and boosting the rapidly growing SME sector.

Oman Broadband is focused upon the deployment of a broadband infrastructure, providing equal and open access to telecommunication service providers on a wholesale basis, enabling end users to efficiently leverage high speed fibre connectivity in Oman.