Oman Broadband’s Investments Exceed 90 Million OMR

Eng. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Wahaibi, CEO of Oman Broadband Company (a company of ITHCA Group, affiliated with the Oman Investment Authority), announced that the company’s investments have exceeded OMR 90 million since its establishment in 2014.

With 606,310 fibre optic connections in various governorates by the end of 2022, the overall coverage rate has reached a total of 52% in the Sultanate.

Al Wahaibi added: “The total number of Fibre Optic services’ subscribers in various governorates has reached 213,073, with coverage rates at 35%.” These results were revealed following Oman Broadband’s executive team’s field visits to the network extension sites in the governorates of Al Buraimi, North Al Batinah and South Al Batinah, where the company provides its services such as delivering fibre optics to homes and government and private institutions in various governorates (in addition to active and inactive ethernet services).

Al Wahaibi further explained that fibre optic connections in Al Buraimi Governorate amounted to 17,168 with a coverage rate of 51%, while South Al Batinah Governorate’s connections amounted to 42,596, with a coverage rate of 35%. North Al Batinah Governorate has reached 51,740 connections with a coverage rate of up to 29%.

Eng. Sultan also explained that the total number of subscribers to the fibre optic service in Al Buraimi reached 3,724 with a subscription rate of 22%, whereas the total subscribers in South Al Batinah reached 13,882 with a subscription rate of 33%. In North Al Batinah, the number of subscribers reached 16,208 with a subscription rate up to 31%.

Al Wahaibi has also indicated that the company within its second phase expansion, aims to implement a fibre optic network to cover more than 180,000 additional units, bringing the coverage rate to 66% in the various governorates in its future plan (2023 to 2025). The company also aims to seek solutions for the challenges facing this expansion in some governorates’ areas.  

In this regard, the company’s executive team will conduct several field visits to the network extension sites in various governorates and meet with specialists and officials to enhance opportunities for cooperation with governorate administrations to build a new fibre optic network and explore investment opportunities. This activity is set to increase the gross domestic product in the governorate in line with the national broadband strategy, and to benefit from the network in the development of various sectors, including education and health. At the same time, it will contribute to creating job opportunities in line with the continuous expansion of the network, and in line with Oman Broadband’s commitment to social responsibility.