Environmental & Social Management Plan

As part of our commitment to the Sultanates welfare, Oman Broadband puts an emphasis on social and environmental matters. As this really means a lot to us, we have engaged with the specialised consultancy ERM to run a full audit of Oman Broadband’s approach to environment and social issues, as help draft our Environmental and Social Management Plan.   This Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) provides the framework for management and mitigation of the environmental and social impacts associated with the Company’s rollout of a fibre optic broadband cable network to an estimated 401,017 homes/premises by the end of 2020.   Prior to this study, no formal Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) has been conducted for the Project and therefore this document includes a high-level environmental and social assessment (ESA) of potential risks and impacts associated with Project activities. Further, the ESMP details how the organizational capacity and resources will be structured to implement the measures proposed in this ESMP. This document also contains a summary of the existing environmental, health, safety and social permitting framework, project context and relevant procedures (as of August 2017).  This information is used to inform the mitigation measures that have been included in the management plan.  

Within this page, Oman Broadband would like to share with everyone the following documents for comments:

  • Oman Broadband Environmental and Social Management Plan (English and Arabic)
  • Addendum Oman Broadband Environmental and Social Management Plan (English and Arabic)
  • Oman Broadband Grievance Redress Mechanism (English and Arabic)
  • ESMP Workshop 2021 (English and Arabic)

As we value everyone’s opinion, and we believe that all Omanis are concerned with this, we would like to give everyone the opportunity to provide feedback and sending it to our Email. We are grateful for your contribution.