The Oman Broadband Company is the Government arm mandated with building and developing the necessary broadband infrastructure in the Sultanate as stipulated in the third pillar of the National Broadband Strategy. Oman Broadband works in tandem with the concerned authorities and private sector partners to deliver that vision, thereby future proofing the online economy and investing in the digital potential of the nation.

The Company has translated the ambitious goals of the National Broadband Strategy into development plans that take into consideration the required network framework and expected implementation timeframe. The development plan benchmarks current broadband services in the Sultanate in comparison with the regional and international best practice standards, both in terms of e-readiness and the ready availability of broadband services within populated areas.

The plan to rollout the broadband infrastructure also takes into consideration key usage patterns, population densities and projected statistics that chart the future demand for hi-speed broadband services in the Sultanate.

As such, Oman Broadband’s development plan aims to rapidly increase Oman’s international ranking in terms of the availability of fixed broadband services and the distribution of broadband services per 100 capita in comparison with the international and regional average.

The rollout of the broadband fibre-optic network will create the necessary infrastructure in all governorates to enable service providers to provide the high speed / high capacity connectivity to citizens and residents, as well as for enterprises and government institutions.

Oman Broadband aims to meet the evolving needs of the market in order to keep pace with the rapid advancement of ICT technologies, as witnessed in the current century; this in order to ensure that a global standard of services are delivered for citizens and residents in all governorates of the Sultanate for the years ahead.