Get Connected

Oman Broadband Company aims to provide broadband services to all beneficiaries including individuals and institutions in the Sultanate through the existing telecommunications services providers (Omantel/Ooredoo); by providing them access to a high-quality broadband infrastructure, thereby enabling these institutions to provide end users with broadband services in line with global standards, as well as providing services to rural communities in order to bridge the digital gap.

It is worth mentioning that the Company will provide licensed operators with access to the Oman Broadband infrastructure; enabling them to provide broadband services to individual and corporate end-users.

To learn more about how to gain access to high-speed broadband services in the Sultanate, please follow these steps:

  • Check whether your area has been covered with the broadband network from the below coverage map
  • If the area is covered with the broadband network, you can request the service that suits your needs from one of the telecommunications services providers in the Sultanate.
  • After selecting the service and your package, the telecommunications services provider will fix a date to install the necessary equipment, which you will need, in liaison with Oman Broadband Company, after which you can enjoy the service.