Broadband Benefits

The National Economy:

Broadband networks are expected to raise the efficiency of the services provided by operators and enrich the life of citizens by providing them with access to an array of better and accessible online services; therefore fostering an attractive environment for investment as well as the creation of more business opportunities. Supporting the growth of the connected society and economy significantly helps to propel the economic development goals in the Sultanate in line with the objectives of ‘Vision 2040’ for Oman’s National Economy.


Broadband networks will significantly contribute to the development of the educational sector in the Sultanate by creating a highly efficient network to enable the exchange of educational content between universities and schools, inside and outside of the Sultanate. The fibre optic broadband network also contributes to distance education and e-learning.


The healthcare sector benefit from broadband network connectivity, facilitating diagnostic and therapeutic services provided to individuals.

Public Safety:

Broadband networks can contribute to enhancing precautionary measures for public safety in the Sultanate by supporting early warning systems and disaster readiness programs.